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I can't find/what is my Key Prefix



  • Natsumi Hashimoto

    My key suffix is NK.  Which replacement key should I choose?

  • Anatolie Zgherea

    I have ordered 2 safe keys for my bike lock more than half year ago. But I didn’t get anything so far. Sincerely yours, Anatolie Zgherea

  • William Bell

    My keys starts with SS just like the keys in this image:

    The registration page doesn't allow me to enter that prefix.  It only has "D" in the drop down menu, so I don't know how to register my lock for ATPO...

  • Ray Tobin

    There is no number or id on the master key (with a light).   There is a number of 0121 on the key bar lock where the key is inserted.  How can I order two additional keys?  Thank You.

  • Donna Post

    If you remove the screw under the O in Kryptonite, you will be able to pop out the key to get access to the Key Prefix and Number.


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