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Kryptonite Lock Maintenance



  • Henry Lieberman

    I have a (somewhat old) New York Lock, and live in rainy and snowy Boston. When the weather is wet, a little rust inside the lock causes it to freeze up and be difficult to open even though the key turns, and someday I fear I won't be able to open it. If I do get it open, a Brillo pad removes the rust from the shackle and the inner parts it touches. A little lubrication, as they say, does get it working nicely again, but very quickly it's back to rusting. i tried a few coats of Rustoleum as protection, but again, it wears off too quickly to be useful. I think these parts shouldn't be rustable. Anything I can do?

  • Kryptonite Support

    Hi Henry, sorry for the delay in responding to you; I just saw your comment!  We do recommend a monthly clean and lube, especially in areas that have rain and snow or that are near the ocean (like Boston!).  Please email me at and I'll see if I can find any other tips that might help you.




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