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What if My Lock Malfunctions?



  • Carlos Penagarrido

    I have two U locks with a barrel (tubular) key, I have used for years. I love them. Last week a kind man told me about this locks been opened using a regular bic pen tube. I tried to do as demonstrated on YouTube and I opened both of my locks in seconds. I have to say that I have been very lucky to not have my cannondale stolen that way. I wasn't aware of this flaw at all. I consider this a serious malfunction, I don't have a lot of money to spend in new locks and I use this bike to get to work. It's a $700 bike, I can't afford to loose it. Can I send you this old locks and get the same but with a different key mechanism? Please help me, I need to lock my bike in the street in Oakland and San Francisco CA. Thanks

  • Jordi Orellana

    Do the Looped Cables, as for example Looped Cable 1004 (10mm*120cm), the same lifetime warranty?

    Thank you.


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