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How Much Does Lock Out Replacement Cost?



  • Carl Hagensen

    I have this big heavy, Kryptonite cable lock. I have both keys but one does not work at all and the other only works on one side. What to do???

  • Alisha Maxwell

    I have the combination but not the reset tool and the lock is jammed... Do I get the shop to cut the lock or just buy a new lock for the reset tool and hope it works...

  • Sara Guaraglia


    I would like to buy the Kryptonite padlocks for my bikes and register with the ATPO system. I have a question: but if the bike with the lock are stolen and the Lock is not provided for compensation?
    (In the sense I mean if they also steal my padlock.)
    Thank you

  • Gabriela Mejia

    I would like to say i could replace my U-Lock for cheaper by buying another one at Walmart. I was hoping this was going to be helpful...

  • Mkjeanneaylt1994

    So it's nice to see that this might be a waste of time my 1700$ bike got stolen I really hope I will get some kind of reimbursement back

  • Thomas Kowalak

    Cost of shipping old lock without keys and the cost of replacement make this a worthless alternative.


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