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I lost my keys/combination and my bike is currently locked up



  • Mohamedbarawi1

    I was fishing and then it fell in the water

  • Sarah FitzGerald

    I believe my lock is broken as it won’t open even with the 0000 setting. Help!

  • Oroszi S91

    I have my key registered and I ordered several times 15 days ago I also sent a tucket but no reaction. The bank paid the money, but no response, just an error message that the order failed.

    Never sign up to help!

    Regisztrálva van a kulcsom és többször is rendeltem 15 napja tucketet is küldtem, de semmi reakció. A bank a pénzt kifizett, de semmi válasz, csak egy hibaüzenet, hogy sikertelen rendelés.

    Sos jelentkezzetek segítsetek!

  • Todd Johnson

    My keys were stolen in another state. I need to replace them. I contracted Kryptonite several months ago and have gotten no response.

  • Louis Rifkin

    Does anyone know if there is an actual telephone number for customer service?


  • Jme August

    I requested replacement keys over 2 months ago and you have not communicated at all and I have received nothing. This is a feature your customers paid for when they purchased your product and you need to honor your commitment to follow through.

  • Briangolli123

    I lost they keys... that's my fault. BUT now, I have tried ordering keys for weeks and no response. I have sent multiple requests with no answer from Kryptonite customer service. Someone please help me! At this point, I am ready to cut my losses and try to break thru the lock but bolt cutters don't do the trick. How do I get through this lock?! I just want to free my poor bike. Thank you!!


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